Friday, June 11, 2010

Laureen's Wedding Cake!


  1. My 'baby sister's' Wedding Cake, circa 1983! 4-10"s; a 14"; an 8"; and a 6" top! Basket-weave, and wisteria.

  2. Wow - how many servings did it provide?

    1. Just under 250, there was a small set of pillars & another 6" cake on top. Thanks for asking!

  3. One thing I learned somewhere early in my 'baking career': Mise en plac (prounced miz on plac) is a french phrase which literally means "putting in place", or having everything in it's place. It allows the chef to cook without wasting time by stopping to assemble items along the way. It's important in recipe's with time restraint's, as in most pastries. Recipe's should be reviewed; ingredient's washed, chopped, measured & set- aside in individual containers. Goods should be brought to room temp., or chilled, as the recipe calls for. Equipment such as spatulas, blenders, and other items are prepared, and set aside, ready to use. Ovens are preheated & pans are prepared. This simple technique will enable you to become a better baker.