Saturday, April 14, 2012


The fusion of this delicate spice genoise combined with this Peanut Buttercream may seem peculiar at first, but the delicate flavor of this cake lends a soft crumb, & a delightful tone that is different from any other spice cake I've ever witnessed.  This cake can be counted on to only improve in flavor the next day.

With the pan prepared, including parchment, the rack placed in the lower third of the preheated oven, as per 'HC''s instructions, I was ready to go. 

Similar to the "Chocolate Velvet Fudge Cake", I whisked the eggs with some buttermilk, the vanilla & the eggs.  It stopped just short of frothing, perhaps due to the yolk's & the buttermilk.  In my stand mixer I mixed the dry ingredients, on low speed, then added the butter & remaining buttermilk, just until the dry ingredients were moistened.  Then to add structure the speed was increased to medium, for a minute & a half.

Scraping down the sides I used more care to include all of the ingredients.  Then, using attention to the details I added the egg mixture in two batches, at med-low speed.  Then gradually increasing the speed to medium, which absorb's all of the ingredients & strengthens the structure. 

Pouring the batter into the prepared pan, & smoothed the top of the batter I realized this has to be the most uncomplicated cakes I'd made in awhile.  But, It's not done, so I hold my tongue, and wish for as easy an ending, as the begining was. 

I checked it at 30, & 35 minutes, but didn't feel it was done until 36 minutes.  I followed the directions regarding cooling to a T, later transferring it to a serving plate.  I noted a bit later that it seemed to have shrunken in the center just the tinest bit.  Wondering if I was losing my skills, I said a quick prayer. 

I'd never made a buttercream in a food processor before, & with simply measuring the ingredients, per the scale method, it honestly took longer to attach the lid to the processor, than to weigh & insert the ingredients in the container.


I only frosted the top, as done in "RHC"'s, but I couldn't help licking the spatula.  Happy Baking, jo

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